Company Profile

Precision Profiles was started in 1994 by a metallurgist and an operations expert to produce products for the Power-Generation industry. The initial product, stator vanes, was developed using a proprietary process developed by the founders. This proprietary process provided the ability to produce vanes for large turbines with tolerance precision that was previously unattainable.

Today, vanes are made for all of the key Power-Generation OEMs in hundreds of profile shapes and cut to any required length and angle to exactly fit any size turbine band. In addition, Precision Profiles has expanded its product offering to include turbine parts beyond vanes. This enables the company to supply customers with broader solutions to their complex Bill of Materials (BOM) thus simplifying the design and build process.


Precision Profiles proprietary process for precision products allows customers to eliminate extra “fitting” time in their manufacturing process which saves costs and improves efficiency and quality. This level of precision has enabled customers to attach vanes to shroud bands by electron beam welding eliminating the weld and grind process of assembling turbine stages.


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